By the time your product reaches the consumer, will your label claims still be accurate?

An accurate and reliable shelf life is not only important for products to comply with government regulations, but also for brand integrity.

Our targeted studies validate that your product maintains quality throughout its shelf life.

We provide a wide range of temperature and humidity storage conditions and flexible studies, including:

  • Nutritional and chemical analysis
  • Microbiological analysis
  • Physical properties
  • Indirect (e.g. accelerated) and direct studies
  • Variety of storage conditions available

Upon request, NQAC Dublin can also provide the below additional services:

  • Send sample back to your facility throughout the study
  • Attach photos of samples to the Laboratory Report
  • Move samples to multiple storage locations throughout the study
  • Provide Data Extracts, an excel document, containing all your results at the completion of the study

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Shelf Life Studies Help Guide